The team

Cimel company has built its team spirit around strong common values shared by its employees

More than 25 researchers, engineers and technicians contribute to design products, develop systems, manufacture equipment, integrate solutions ans provide services.

Each collaborator brings to Cimel his passion in his own professional field, while sharing the values that make the backbone of our company:

Innovation, skills,   experience,   responsiveness

  • R&D involves half of the company staff. They are doctors, engineers and technicians specialized in electronics, optics, mechanics, systems, remote sensing and meteorology

  • Production is carried out by a well-trained team of technicians. They are responsible for manufacturing, reception tests, mounting, assembling, integration, final tests, calibration and repairs

  • Technical support is ensured by experienced technicians : they controll the commissionning, provide training, provide maintenance support by emails, phone calls and remote diagnosis