Products & services


Every Cimel equipment are designed to operate with MicroAmps® technology (ultra-low power consumption)
This  technology, specific to Cimel, makes it possible to produce integrated, hardy, long-lasting, easy to use solutions. Among the more recent innovative products, Cimel offers:

  • Automatic weather stations , integrated, easy to use, with long lasting-life , without systematic maintenance (CimAWS)
  • Airport Weather observation systems without concentrator (CimAWOS, CimWIND)
  • Micro-climatologic weather stations, easy to deploy, with automatic recording and wireless data retrieval (CimPOD)
  • Aerosol remote sensing instruments world renowned for their reliability, their  accuracy  and portability t (photometer CE318, automatic LiDARs CE370, CE376)


For each product, Cimel and the staff provide services to ease the installation , the commissionning and the maintenance of the systems

  • Warranty : one year, parts and labour in workshops
  • Installation and training
  • Spare parts  : because they are designed to last for long, Cimel equipment don’t need any consumable and only very few spare parts. Cimel ensures spare parts availibility for more than 10 years
  • Technical support : in case of continuing problem , Cimel service is permanent and free-available   via email to help diagnosing and finding a solution, with the aim of preventing unnecessary factory returns