Automatic agro-weather station

Automatic weather stations




CimAGRO weather station is intended  to farm operators and to technical farming experts to assist them in carrying out a reasoned production as well as to assist   forecast and agro-meteorological services in charge of  optimizing exploitation and production methods

CimAGRO performs continuous reliable meteorological data with  high metrological quality necessary to many data management tools

  • Climatic analysis
  • Phenological phases projections
  • Smart use of artificial fertilizers to reduce the environmental impact
  • Monitoring the climatic conditions (wind, rain…) before spreading of fertilizers and phytosanitary products
  • Implementation of a phytosanitary strategy for the crop yields (diseases monitoring and prevention)


Interactive access

  • 24/7  secured viewing for multiple users over the Internet
  • Alarms via SMS messages or e-mail, for multiple recipients and using multiple criteria


  • Autonomous station powered by solar generator
  • GSM communications reach even the most remote locations
  • Easy, fast installation
  • Sensors are interchangeable without programming (plug and play connections)


  • Extremely reliable and stable sensors
  • Resistant to all types of difficult weather conditions
  • Reinforced protection against lightning
  • Tamper-resistant built-in miniature solar panel

Very low total maintenance costs

  • No systematic technical maintenance
  • Visual inspection and cleaning by non-specialized personnel
  • Remote maintenance eliminates unecessary field work
  • Exceptional use of spare parts inventory


Cimel has developed innovative custom technology (MicroAmps® addressing very demanding  yet complementary requirements for its field equipment:

  •   Minimize electrical power consumption
  •   Use secure, highly redundant communications protocols
  •   Give priority to wireless transmissions
  •   Maximize the versatility of printed circuit boards
  •   Minimize the number of connectors

Due to the  use of these technologies, CimAGRO is a solution offering  exceptional performances field-tested under any sort of climate

  •  Very reliable meteorological data
  • Robust solar generator
  •  Light, easy-to-handle infrastructure
  •  Excellent protection against corrosion and lightning

This innovative system ensures  a very reliable process with very low preventive and curative maintenance ,  even in harsh climatic conditions.


The agro weather station is built around:

Portable, easy-to-install field equipment:

  • Sensors
  • Acquisition unit
  • Transmission system
  • Infrastructure

A powerful information system connected to CimWEB Server ( hosted by Cimel) and/or to a PC for network management equipped with CimOBS software


Compatible sensors

All types of meteorological sensors can be added smoothly and progressively on CimAGRO

Sensor name Sales reference

Basic sensors

Automatic rain gauge CES189
Temperature and  humidity under cover sensor

Mini thermal screen

CES600 (CES185 et CES191)


Wetness sensor CES187
Opto-electronic anemometer CES155
Opto-electronic wind vane CES157
Thermopile pyranometer CES180

Optional sensors

Soil temperature sensor CES185S
Actinometric sensor CES185I
Albedometer CES170
Evaporation sensor CES188
Water level and snow depth ultrasonic sensor CES190

Acquisition unit CEA520

Simple to use: plug and play, clearly labeled connectors

  • Housed in a single leak-resistant, dehydrated metallic box
  • Performs all functions:data acquisition, processing, storage, transmission)
  • Plug-and-play connectors
  • Factory pre-configured for instant commissioning

Transmission system

Data collection depends  on the coverage available from local telecoms operators, data from each station can be sent over a GSM "data" or GPRS link, or telephone network PSTN


Some sensors, like the rain gauge, can be deported on a side-post support .

As it is modular , easy-to-handle, light, robust, the structure complies with WMO recommendations (sensor disposal) and ensures the protection of the sensitive equipments (Tamper-resistant built-in miniature solar panel,  cables fully protected inside internal tubing )

 Information system

The central information system  ensures automatically the transmissions with the meteorological stations and performs all functions needed by the users (Database queries, validation, exportation) and by the network managers (remote maintenance, rights management)

The information system can be connected to two main IT components:

  • The CimOBS software suite installed on network maintenance PC
  •  CimWeb Internet server, hosted and managed by Cimel, easily accessible 24/7 to all users (secured login) via the web(*)

(*) In option, an internet server (CimNET) can be delivered to manage a specifical network.

Commissioning and maintenance

This automatic agro-weather station offers two key features:

Quick and easy installation

  • The various modules are light, with small overall dimensions.They are designed for an easy assembly without any special tools
  • Anchored to the floor via a simple civil work  installation procedure without any concrete
  • No on-site cabling required: all cables are provided with pre-wired connectors
  • On-site configuration possible via the acquisition unit interface

 Low  systematic technical maintenance

  •  No preventive maintenance for electronics due to the integrated design of the acquisition unit (corrosion free)
  • No malfunction nor damage if the system is struck by lightning: metallic protection is included for all circuits and cables
  • Maintenance-free infrastructure (noble materials)
  • Maintenance-free cables (fully concealed, protected by infrastructure tubing) 

 On-site implementation example

Automatic agro-weather staion equipped with stand-alone rain gauge (Sumatra)