Automatic weather station

Automatic weather stations




Thanks to its versatility and robustness, CimAWS meets the needs of many demanding applications:

  • Synoptic meteorology
  • Emission of aeronautical messages (METAR, SPECI…)
  • Climatology
  • Hydrometeorology
  • Agro-meteorology
  • Civil security

User's benefits

Excellent quality of the data

  •  Sensors disposal in compliance with WMO standards
  • Data process compliant with WMO recommendations
  • Data high rate  availability
  • Sensors self -monitoring

Flexible and versatile

  • Autonomous station powered by miniature solar generator
  • The multi support transmission system gives a great flexibility of implementation (remote locations)
  • 20 sensors  capacity provides versatility without programming (plug-&-play connectors)
  • Easy and quick  installation


  • Extremely reliable and stable sensors
  • Withstanding  to all types of severe weather conditions
  • Reinforced protection against lightning
  • Tamper-resistant built-in miniature solar panel (against vandalism)

Very low total maintenance costs

  • No systematic technical maintenance
  • Visual inspection and cleaning by non-specialized staff
  • Remote maintenance eliminates unnecessary field work
  • Exceptional use of spare parts inventory


For field equipment, Cimel has developed a unique specific MicroAmps® technologies that result in meeting  several very demanding yet complementary specifications:

  • Minimize electrical power consumption
  • Use secure, highly redundant communications protocols
  • Give priority to wireless transmissions
  • Maximize the versatility of printed circuit boards
  • Minimize the number of connectors

Thanks to these technologies fulfillment, CimAWS provides  exceptional performance widely field-tested under any type of climate

  • Very reliable metrological data
  • Low-power solar energy
  • Light and easy-to-handle infrastructure
  • Excellent protection against corrosion and lightning

This innovative system ensures a high reliable operating process with very low preventive and curative maintenance operations in the long run, even in very hostile environments.


CimAWS automatic weather station is built around:

Robust , easy-to-install field equipment:

  • Sensors
  • Acquisition unit
  • Transmission system
  • Infrastructure

Meteorological data management softwares: CimOBS, CimNET, CimWEB.

IT systems architecture can be adjsutable to any client needs (local or central) taking into account available communications.


Compatible sensors

All types of sensors can be added smoothly and progressively

Sensor name  Sales reference 
Automatic rain gauge CES189
Air temperature and humidity  sensor

Thermal screen

CES600 (CES185 + CES191)


Leaf wetness sensor CES187 
Opto-electronic anemometer CES155
Opto-electronic Wind vane CES157  
Soil temperature sensor CES185S
Actinometric index sensor CES185I
Pyranometer CES180
Pyranometer PAR CES165
Albedometer (2 pyranometers  face-inverted) CES170 
Bilanmeter (2 radiation sensors in the range 0.3 to 100µ) CES166
UVA radiation sensor CES167 
UVB radiation sensor CES168
Fiber optics automatic heliograph CES181
Snow depth or water height sensor CES190
Digital atmospheric pressure  sensor (3 transducers) CES713 
Digital atmospheric pressure sensor CES711 
Automatic evaporation sensor CES188

 CEA520 Acquisition Unit 

CEA520 is designed to make easy to connect the sensors by plug-&-play, clearly labeled connectors

  • Housed in a single leak-resistant, dehydrated metallic box
  • Performs all functionnalities (data acquisition, data processing according to WMO standards, storage, transmission)
  • Plug-in  block for plug-&-play connectors
  • Factory pre-configured for instant commissioning

Communication means

The automatic weather station communicates with the central information system by various communication means: Internet,  RTC telephone   , GSM"data", GPRS, satellite (via a beacon CET410)...

The architecture flexibility enables the central PC to communicate with the acquisition unit and /or the local PC


The main infrastructure is  modular , easy-to-handle, light and robust in compliance with WMO recommendations (sensors disposal. It ensures the protection of  sensitive equipment (tamper-resistant built-in miniature solar panel, fully protected cables by running all wiring through internal tubing )

A 10 m height mast for wind speed and direction measurements can be raised separately in addition to the main infrastructure.

Meteorological data management softwares

Softwares ensure the data automated collection and present all the functionalities needful to users (storage, consultations,messages edition, alarms...) and to the network manager (remote maintenance, user's rights management...).

Cimel provides softwares or full IT systems to manage data both on local PC and on central server.

CimOBS software is suitable both to local PC and central server. It runs under Windows.

CimNET software collect data in near real time (via GPRS) and is reachable from the Web to an unlimited number of users. It runs on a central server under Linux.

CimWEB service is suitable to station number-limited networks or for managers that don't want to drive a web server on their own. Cimel proposes CimWEB service: with a simple subscription, Cimel makes  available a website dedicated to their network management.

This service is based upon CimNET application running on a central server. thsi server is drien by Cimel and hosted by a professional web host (continuous operating with high availability)

Commissioning and maintenance

CimAWS automatic weather station offers  two key features:

Quick and easy installation

  • The various modules are light, with small overall dimensions. They are designed for easy assembly :no special tools required
  • The modular anchorage system facilitates the setting up in any types of soil, with a simple installation procedure avoiding civil works
  • No on-site cabling required: all cables are provided with pre-wired polarized connectors
  • On-site configuration possible via the acquisition unit interface.

Minimal   systematic technical maintenance

  • No preventive maintenance for electronics due to the integrated design of the acquisition unit (corrosion free)
  • No impact in case of lightning strike around: full metallic protection for all circuits and cables
  • Maintenance-free infrastructure (noble materials)
  • Maintenance-free cables (fully protected cables by running all wiring through internal tubing)