Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

With more than 2000 stations on the market, the automatic agro-weather station CimAGRO is a reliable, compact and attractively priced system especially recommended for agrometeorological networks to feed crops and diseases models and support smart farming methods.

Its design relies on more than 30 years of Cimel’s know-how for the design of high end meteorological weather stations, in partnership with INRAE and specialized institutes in France.

The embedded ultra-low-power Sigfox technology provides near real time information on the cloud at the lowest cost.



Rain, Temperature, Humidity



Up to 10 Sensors: Pluviometer, Anemometer, Vane, Pyranometer,
Rain, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure + Options


Robust design adapted for harsh conditions in remote locations

Local data & customized actions

Powerful data management for large operational network

Ecological & economic impact

They trust us