Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

The automatic agro-weather station CimAGRO is a compact and attractively priced system designed with INRA partnership to complete a weather data base and to provide tools to help making the individual or collective decision: Crops, diseases, irrigation management models…

Due to the number of meteorological parameters measured, the CimAGRO is specially recommended for climatological demanding studies (potential evapotranspiration, crops and diseases models) in order to implement smart farming methods.

The weather station automatically transmits the data via GSM/GPRS to a secured website operating 24/7 (Climavista) that completes the tools for decisions making.



Rain, Temperature, Humidity



Up to 10 Sensors: Pluviometer, Anemometer, Vane, Pyranometer,
Rain, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure + Options


Robust design adapted for harsh conditions in remote locations

Local data & customized actions

Powerful data management for large operational network

Ecological & economic impact

They trust us