About us

About us

Cimel is a French manufacturer of meteorological and atmospheric  observation systems for all «climate-sensitive» activities.

Our History

From its creation in 1966 in Paris to nowadays, Cimel’s instruments have always been designed and built by exceptional people using only advanced technologies with high quality materials.

Our Mission

From Science to Industry

Our mission is to be the link between the Scientific Research Community and the Industrial World, by developing innovative technologies and operational solutions, especially in Research and Air Quality markets.

Our Values

High Quality / Reliability / Robustness / Smart design

Cimel has developped a large expertize covering meteorology, atmospheric monitoring, design of integrated systems, software solution development and industrialization.

Through its policy of constant Research & Development with leading worldwide scientific partners (Scientific institutes and laboratories, universities…), Cimel innovates continuously and provides turnkey solutions to match the needs of our customers.

Your Contacts



Didier CROZEL is the President of Cimel Electronique. Since 2008, he led major evolutions of Cimel’s R&D, industrialisation and go-to-market processes and grew the team’s skills panel and capacity. He nurtured Cimel’s long term partnerships with pioneer customers and the scientific community, streamlined Cimel’s strategy towards highly innovative products and strongly increased its worldwide sales and recognition.

He holds a degree in engineering from Mines Paritech and an MBA from INSEAD and brings more than 30 years of experience, with Air Liquide and Dassault Systèmes, in research, engineering, product development and management of international businesses.

His main focus is to lead Cimel’s team to leverage the latest technological advances and deliver innovative operational solutions with maximum added value to the community of its clients.

Scientific Director

Stéphane VICTORI

Dr. Stéphane Victori is the scientific director of CIMEL. He’s in charge of the scientific team and works on remote sensing instrument development and analysis. He has more than 15 years of experience in remote sensing instruments, both passive (photometer, thermal infrared radiometer, fisheye radiance camera….) and active (automatic micro-LiDAR and Raman LiDAR) system. He’s the author or co-author of more than 20 papers and has participated to many international workshops, technical committees and meetings in atmospheric and ocean sciences. He has obtained his PhD on Optical Parametric Oscillator in nanosecond regime in 2001, then he has worked as a research engineer on long range optical fiber telecommunication. In 2003, he has been working on the optical modelling of the Laser Megajoule and as started as an optical engineer at CIMEL in September 2004. Since then, he has occupied different positions in CIMEL.

Sales and Marketing Director


Idris SANHAJ has almost 10 years of technical sales, international business development and marketing experience. Working previously on the industrial field of energy production (petroleum, gas, nuclear…), he is able to make the link between the scientific community and the industrial world. Thanks to his polyvalent skills in the technical & commercial sectors, he worked his way up the ranks at various levels.
He is now the Sales and Marketing Director of Cimel Electronique and a key member of the executive board. Idris is a dynamic speaker, memorable for his actionable and motivating speeches and meetings. His career focuses on consistently delivering measurable results with greater sales, product success and customer loyalty.

Marketing & Communication Manager


Marylène HERBELIN holds a M.Sc. degree in Marine Biology and Bioresources as well as a M.Sc. degree in Innovation Management at Paris VI. With a solid experience as a consultant in European funding projects, she is currently Marketing & Communication Manager at Cimel Electronique. Marylène’s mix of Marketing, creative and Science backgrounds brings to the table new perspectives and ideas. She is responsible for lead generation, support creation, online advertising and manages social media campaigns, blogs, newsletters, and emails.

Sales Representative


Yann DUPONT is the Sales Manager of Cimel Electronique, he joined the company in December 2020.

Thanks to his more than 8 years of professional experience in internationalized SMEs, but also to his academic courses (M.Sc. degree in Economics – International SMEs Business at Montpellier University), he is sensitized to small companies’ problematics and holds the role of intermediary with Manufacturing & Finance Departments, on a Sales & Administrative basis. He is also in charge of international logistics, improving and developing intern and extern interfaces, with the objective of facilitating and optimizing the process in order to ensure clients & partners satisfaction.

His main goal is to work and take part of company development, where human relations are essential, and to participate to international expansion which is a main strategic point in our current worldwide ecosystem.

Assistant Business Developer


Laura MARIT, alternating as an Assistant Business Developer since October 2020, is preparing a Master in Marketing Insight & Data Analytics.

With her international experience at Richmond University of London and her interest in new technologies and sustainable development, she brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas.

She contributes to the international expansion of the company by supporting the sales team in setting up new business partners around the world.

She also ensures the smooth running of sales to ensure customer satisfaction.

Could this be you? 

Should you be interested in joining our expert team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are currently looking for:

Internship: Micro-LiDAR with high spectral resolution for aerosol measurement

Marketing and Communication Assistant

Nerimen OUALLI

Nerimen Oualli, Marketing & Communication Assistant, is preparing a Master’s degree in Marketing Insights and Data Analytics Strategy on a work-study basis.

Her role is to assist the Marketing & Communication Manager in her tasks, especially in writing news for CIMEL’s website or on emailing campaigns. She is also contributing to CIMEL’s communication via social networks. Nerimen combines theory from what she learns at school and practice at CIMEL Electronique and brings a new look on the new communication channels of a changing world.

Logistics and After-Sales Assistant

William TIEHI

William TIEHI, working as a logistics assistant since October 2021, is preparing a higher technician diploma in international trade.

After getting a degree in technological innovation and eco-design, he was able to familiarize himself with business practices through various experiences as a salesman and business developer.

He uses his knowledge in the technological fields to satisfy customers by answering their needs, with a global vision of the various problems of his mission’s problematics.

In charge of answering customers’ requests, in direct link with the technical department, his objective is to make CIMEL’s customer exchanges smoother by offering after-sales support, by participating in optimization projects inside and outside the Sales Department, but also by accompanying the Sales Manager for the shipping procedures and any other development axis of the company.

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