CE312 – High precision IR Radiometer

The CE312 IR radiometer is the benchmark precision instrument for measurements of spectral luminance in 4 to 6 thermal InfraRed bands.

Thanks to differential measurement principle, it performs highly accurate radiation measurements. It is insensitive to environmental variations (temperature, radiations). The radiometer provides real time spectral luminances and brightness temperatures.

The CE312 is a portable field instrument particularly suitable for thermal ground or atmosphere campaigns in the field measurements and for continuous operation with robotized pointing within an observation network.


Key Benefits

  • Autonomous (solar generator)
  • Practical: Real time display of spectral luminances and brightness temperatures
  • Multi-tasks: long-term installation / measurement field campaign
  • Portable: components are compact, light, easy to move in a hard case
  • High precision: 0.1°C
  • Large temperature range: -80°C to +60°C

Package contents

  • 1 x Head
  • 1 x Electronic box
  • 1 x Head cable
  • 1 x Supply 100 ~240 V
  • 1 x PC transfer cable
  • Paper printed filter curves
  • 1 x USB stick with ASTPWIN software + filters digital files
  • 1 User handbook
  • 1 Black suit-case

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Resolution 0.01°C
Accuracy 0.1°
Response time 1s
Repeatability > 99.65%
IFOV 10°
Calibration Provided with the instrument


Type Silicon Thermopile
Size 0.6 mm x 0.6mm
Noise voltage 38nV Hz-1/2
Responsivity 120W m-2
Detectivity 1.6x 108 cm Hz-1/2/W-1
Time constant 12 ms


Steep pass band filter  
Out of band Optical density. OD 3

Spectral bands

Canal W 8-14µm
Canal N12 11.50-12.50µm
Canal N11 10.30-11.30µm
Canal N9 8.20-9.20µm

Output signal

Or current loop


Display box batteries Reloaded via electric power


Temperature From -20° to +50°

Computer system

PC type EeePC Windows already set up
AstpWIN software with radiometer application
Free download at: www.cimel.fr
Data transfer


Head Diameter = 80 mm x 250 mm Weight = < 1kg
Measurement cable 3 m link between the head and the interface box
Interface box With power supply block
Link to PC See output options

Band options

CE312-N1 8 à 13 µm (large band)
8.2 à 9.2 µm
10.3 à 11.3 µm
CE312-N2 Adapted to ASTER
8 à 13 µm (large band)
8.1 à 8.5 µm
8.5 à 8.9 µm
8.9 à 9.3 µm
10.3 à 11 µm
11 à 11.7 µm
Other bands Consult us

Output options

Sales reference Connection types Supply
CE312-L Current loop with RS-232 compatible connector for connection up to 1000m Cable kit (3m length)
CE312-MU Local connection via PC or USB PC Cable or USB
Extension For current loop only Extension cable custom-built

Automation options

CE316-A Two axis automated tracking mount
CE316-A1 One axis automated tracking mount


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