GPS roll-over

GPS roll-over the 3rd of November 2019 on the CE318-T

Important for existing CE318-T customers:

The GPS week counter has been reset the 3rd of November 2019.

Location data reports remained correct while the date and week number are affected. 

The CIMEL CE318-T photometer is impacted by the GPS week counter reset.

It is necessary to use the last version of the firmware for the photometer to remain operational.

Please see the related process bellow to check and update the right firmware version at your earliest convenience to fix the desynchronization.

You will need a computer and to be on site to connect on the control unit and update the firmware.

If you have any question or concern regarding the GPS roll-over issue, feel free to contact us.

Download the procedure here.

N.B.: If you are registered in AERONET, please contact the NASA AERONET team.

FIREX – AQ Mission


FIREX – AQ Mission

Approximately half of fire emissions in the US are from Northwestern wildfires and half are from prescribed fires that burn mostly in the Southeast US. Wildfires burn slightly more fuel and therefore have overall larger emissions, but prescribed fires dominate the area burned and the number of fires. FIREX-AQ will investigate both wild and prescribed fires. Wildfires generally result in exposures with larger pollution concentrations over larger areas, and cause both local and regional air quality impacts. Their emissions are often transported thousands of miles and can impact large regions of the US at a time. Prescribed fires are usually smaller and less intense than most wildfires but occur more frequently and throughout the whole year. They are usually ignited during periods that minimize population expose and air quality impacts, but can cause regional backgrounds to increase, are generally in closer proximity to populations, and are responsible for a large fraction of the US PM2.5 emissions.

This summer, NOAA and NASA are teaming up on a massive research campaign called FIREX-AQ that will use satellites, aircraft, drones, mobile and ground stations to study smoke from wildfires and agricultural crop fires across the U.S. 

Objective: To improve understanding of wildfire and agricultural fire impacts on air quality, weather, and climate.

Cimel provides a CE376 micro-LiDAR as well as its network of CE318-T photometers through AERONET. These solutions will provide detailed measurements of aerosols emitted from wildfires and agricultural fires to address science topics and evaluate impacts on local and regional air quality, and how satellite data can be used to estimate emissions more accurately.

The Primary Mission Partners are:

MSc Atmospheric Environment

MSc Atmospheric Environment: international master degree

The International Master of Science 2nd year “Atmospheric Environment” at the University of Lille is providing a 1-year program in physics and chemistry of the atmosphere at the highest level.
It is supported by the French Laboratory of Excellence CaPPA (Chemical and Physical Properties of the Atmosphere).

Training is dedicated to students in physics and chemistry having validated 4 years of study (Master 1st year / Bachelor / 240 ECTS-credits), wishing to follow a specialization in atmospheric sciences to get a strong background in theory and practical works.

Students are immersed in an international environment and all courses are delivered in english.
The first semester (Sept-Jan) is dedicated to lectures/practical works, and the second semester (Feb-Jul) is a full-time research training in Laboratory

Additional documents:
Download the brochure
Presentation slides
=> request for powerpoint version, e-mail Anne Burlet-Parendel

Download the welcome booklet 2018-2019

You can also find more details about the program on the website:


Paris declares itself in a “state of climatic emergency”

Paris declares itself in a “state of climatic emergency”

July 9, 2019

The City of Paris has adopted the creation of an “IPCC” (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which will bring together experts (climatologists, urban designers, sociologists, etc.). They will be able to be consulted and play a “constant role in the implementation of climate policies”.

Like many world cities or more recently the Parliaments of the United Kingdom and Ireland, the City of Paris has declared itself in a “state of climatic emergency“. This decision was taken during a vote in the Paris Council on Tuesday, July 9. We must “meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement” adopted in December 2015, argued the assistant in charge of the Environment to the mayor of Paris, Célia Blauel.

Creation of an “IPCC Paris”

During the session, the City of Paris adopted the creation of an “IPCC Paris” which will bring together experts (climatologists, urban designers, sociologists…). They will be able to be consulted and play a “constant role in the implementation of climate policies”, added Célia Blauel.

A few months before the municipal elections, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and her entourage have not ceased to multiply ecological projects: after the pedestrianisation of the roads on the banks, the Paris City Hall has, among other things, multiplied projects in favour of a complete greening of the streets and squares of the capital or announced the creation of “urban forests” in the middle of the city to fight against global warming and the effects of pollution.

GPS reset

GPS reset

A GPS reset initially scheduled for April 6 has been postponed to November 2, 2019. We will update the software shortly so that your instruments are not affected by this modification. Stay tuned!