AAMS – Automatic Aerosol Monitoring Solutions

The effects of atmospheric aerosols at global scale on climate change and environmental evolution are critical for coming generations and the future of our planet.

Cimel provides instrument synergies between Photometers and LiDARs through a unique monitoring software iAAMS, dedicated to the aerosols study and analysis. The obtained parameters are the characterization of aerosol types, the extinction and backscatter profile of mass concentration. Cimel’s AAMS is able to automatically locate, identify and quantify aerosols, layer by layer, day and night.

It brings added values and makes the link between several existing technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Identification / Characterization / Concentration
  • Unique iAAMS software to apply instrument synergies
  • Wide measurement network with reliable and useful data
  • Improvement of 2D/3D models by assimilation of real data
  • Better understanding of atmospheric aerosol phenomena
  • Scientific expertize by know-how sharing

Package contents

  • CE318-T photometer
  • Cimel LiDAR
  • iAAMS software

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Efficient Operational Cost saving
High altitude detection profiles Robust and climate resistant Unattented continuous operation
Automatic detection of multiple boundary layers Light and portable Full outdoor installation
Low layer detection Eye safe (no radar) Very low spare part cost
Automatic calibration 1 PC with real time processing and display No systematic maintenance
High metrological stability    

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