XII WLMLA – São Paulo – IPEN

CIMEL at the 12th Workshop on LiDAR Measurement in Latin America

Keywords: LiDAR, Aerosols, monitoring, remote sensing, LALINET.

The Latin America Lidar Network (LALINET), was created during the first Workshop on LiDAR Measurement in Latin America (WLMLA) in 2001, to better understand aerosol distribution over South America and its impact on weather and climate.

This year is organized the 12th edition of the Workshop on Lidar Measurements in Latin America (XII WLMLA) hosted by IPEN (Instituto de pesquisas energéticas e nucleares) in São Paulo, Brazil, from 7th to 12th April 2024.

The goal of this event was to share knowledge between LiDAR researchers and students, promoting cooperation between scientific members of the LiDAR community, and fostering future LiDAR research projects to strengthen the Latin-American Lidar Network (LALINET).

Two representatives from CIMEL, Dr. Ioana Popovici and Dr. Igor Veselovskii, had the opportunity to present our LiDAR technology and share some data collected on smoke and dust events using our CE376 LiDAR and the CE710 LILAS depolarization and fluorescence channels.

It was also the opportunity to introduce our new LiDAR CE710 developed within AGORA-Lab.

Special thanks to LALINET and IPEN for the organization of this conference.

Link to the presentation (22Mo): Continuous_atmospheric_monitoring_and_aerosol_typing_using_CE376_dual-wavelength_Lidar (Dr. Ioana POPOVICI)

Presidential mission in Brazil

Presidential mission in brazil (25-28 march 2024)

French President Emmanuel Macron Leads CIMEL and Various French Companies in Brazil for Economic Diplomacy and Green Transition Innovation

Keywords: Aerosols, monitoring, remote sensing, green transition, innovation.

Once again CIMEL had the honor to be part of the French delegation accompanying the French president Emmanuel MACRON this time in Brazil in São Paulo from 25th to 28th March 2024.

Organized by MEDEF International and Business France, this delegation of over 80 French companies was embarking on a journey to Brazil, aimed at fostering stronger economic ties between the two countries.

Through a comprehensive agenda created around multiple business possibilities, heavy discussions have been conducted between French companies and other stakeholders. CIMEL, in particular, has actively participated in meetings with significant entities such as the Brazilian Space Agency (INPE), the University of São Paulo, the Institute of Advanced Studies (IPEN), as well as ministers and responsible for finance, cities, energy, and environment.

Encounter with the Remote Sensing experts from the University of São Paulo.

It was particularly interesting for CIMEL to meet these scientific entities in sectors such as space research, advanced technology, and energy, as these areas align closely with CIMEL’s expertise and potential for collaboration and innovation.

The most popular event of the visit is the Franco-Brazil Business Forum addressing energy transition, which involves President Macron and Geraldo Alckmin – the Vice-President of Brazil. The Forum discussed the initiatives of how the investments will change color into “green” for both governments and revealed plans for sustainable development.

CIMEL meeting the French President during the Business Forum.
CIMEL meeting the French President during the Business Forum.

The presence of Laurent Saint-Martin, Director General of Business France, brought a decisive vision of the strengths of France with its delegation.

As CIMEL continues to forge ahead in its quest for international expansion, this business trip served as a demonstration of its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and global leadership in the sector of atmospheric and environmental monitoring.

Special thanks to the Business France Team!

Emmanuel Macron Laurent Saint-Martin Michelle Portugal Adriana Braga Nasser Elmamoune Roberta Derquiashian Juliette Petit Berenice Pereira Estrela

SDS 2024 Conference – NEOM City

Photos at the First International Conference on Sand and Dust Storms

CIMEL shares its expertise in sand and dust monitoring at the SDS Conference and NEOM City, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Keywords: Aerosols, LiDARs, photometers, monitoring, remote sensing, stratosphere, troposphere.

🇫🇷 🇸🇦  | Exciting times for 120 French companies as Business France, led by Franck Riester and in collaboration with the Secretariat General for Investment and the Movement of French International Enterprises, ventures into Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is undergoing a significant metamorphosis, offering unparalleled opportunities for French companies of all sizes across various sectors. CIMEL is actively contributing to this innovative transformation.

NEOM City, a groundbreaking project, stands as a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s ambition for the future. This futuristic city, focusing on innovation and sustainability, presents immense possibilities for collaboration and investment. CIMEL, recognizing its potential, is actively engaged in discussions and presentations to showcase its expertise in contributing to NEOM’s environmental purposes.

Furthermore, last week marked the beginning of the 1st International Conference on Sand and Dust Storms, hosted by the National Center for Meteorology in #KSA, with CIMEL’s involvement. Follow the three days of lectures at https://youtu.be/rVHzYSVog_U, where CIMEL played a key role in sharing insights and ongoing activities related to #SDS within WMO and the United Nations.

An inspiring week, where CIMEL’s dual commitment to economic transformation and environmental responsibility takes center stage.

CIMEL was able to explain how our cutting-edge technology enhances aerosols remote sensing capabilities. The synergy between our aerosol photometers and LiDARs, integrated into the iAAMS software, allows for comprehensive data analysis and visualization of aerosols (characterization, location, concentration…). The incorporation of the GRASP algorithm refines aerosol characterization and better concentration profiles, proving invaluable in monitoring sand and dust storms. This technological advancement highlights a collective commitment to economic transformation and environmental responsibility, positioning CIMEL as a key player in a sustainable future.

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Presidential mission in Sweden

Emmanuel Macron in sweden stockholm

CIMEL accompanies the French president MACRON during his mission in Sweden.

Keywords: Aerosols, LiDARs, monitoring, remote sensing, stratosphere, troposphere.

At the invitation of King Carl XVI Gustaf, the French President Emmanuel MACRON, went on a diplomatic state visit in Sweden (Stockholm, Lund and Malmö), organized in collaboration with Business France and Business Sweden from January 29th to 31st 2024.

He was accompanied by his wife, Brigitte Macron, ministers of the French government such as Minister of Research Sylvie RETAILLEAU, along representatives of the French Parliament, public authorities, and cultural organizations.

CIMEL is proud to have been part of the French delegation of 12 companies that joined this mission to strengthen relations between France and the Swedish market.

This mission aims to enhance more collaboration on innovation concerning the space industry and ecological transition, where Cimel is fully involved.

In this aspect, our Sales and Marketing Director, Idris SANHAJ, had the opportunity to present CIMEL’s cutting-edge remote sensing solutions for aerosol monitoring through business meetings with Lund University (Erik SWIETLICKI – Director of ACTRIS SWEDEN), the CEC – Center for Environment and Climate science (Tobias BIERMANN) and Stockholm University (Radovan KREJCI – Head of Atmospheric science unit – ACTRIS member).

Credits: pictures taken by Business Sweden.

Logo Lund University - CEC
Logo Stockholm University
Logo ACTRIS Sweden

CIMEL could demonstrate how our solutions help address challenges related to satellite data validation, air quality and climate change by providing valuable insights and new data. Our objectives are to develop aerosols monitoring networks across Europe, especially through ACTRIS and to bring a strong added value to the air quality application.

A Business Forum organized by Business Sweden took place in Stockholm under the high patronage of King Carl XVI Gustaf. Around 200 Swedish and French business representatives were present for the occasion, with the heads of state and ministers from Sweden and France. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel graced the delegation with their presence.

It was a pleasure to attend with the presence of some strategic partners and collaborators to discuss current and future projects like CNES (Philippe BAPTISTE), CNRS (Antoine PETIT) and AIRBUS (Guillaume FAURY).

Cimel through our Sales and Marketing Director, Idris SANHAJ was able to talk to the French President Emmanuel MACRON about an innovative project that is set to be implemented soon. This will highlight the national strategic technological innovation combined with the recent scientific progress.

By combining climate modeling, through in-situ sensors, our ground remote sensing and satellite data, we allow more accurate air quality forecasting and so decision-making for public health and environmental management.

To summarize, our participation in this mission in Sweden has been immensely fruitful.

We had the privilege of engaging with numerous partners, fostering meaningful connections, and presenting our innovative solutions.

We are grateful for the visibility provided by this mission, which has undoubtedly contributed to expanding our presence in the global market and advancing our mission to address critical environmental challenges through cutting-edge and made-in-France solutions.

🙏 We extend our gratitude to Business France Pascal CAGNI, Business Sweden Jan LARSSON, #teamfranceexport Michelle PORTUGAL, Félicia KURWITZ and Mélanie GAUDIN for coordinating this successful business trip.

Our range of solutions:

CIMEL CE318 photometer
Cimel CE318
Cimel CE376
Cimel AAMS
CIMEL Quicklook AAMS
Quicklook AAMS

References Sweden AERONET

Map AERONET sites Sweden
Map of AERONET sites in Sweden in 2024.
Palgrunden site AERONET
Palgrunden site managed by European Space Agency, Swedish National Space Board and Stockholm University, for Ocean CAL/VAL application.
Gustav Dalen Tower site AERONET
Gustav_Dalen_Tower site managed by Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.
Abisko site AERONET
Abisko site managed by University College London, Department of Geography.
Gotland site AERONET
Gotland site managed by Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.
SMHI site managed by Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.

Presidential mission in China

Mission présidentielle Chine-Macron

CIMEL in the French delegation of the French President on his mission in China.

CIMEL is proud to have accompanied the French President Emmanuel Macron on his mission in China, organized in collaboration with Business France and the French Embassy from April 3rd to 7th 2023.

This was an important geopolitical event, as we were part of the first French delegation to come back in China after the reopening of the borders and the lifting of sanitary restrictions linked to COVID-19.

It was also an opportunity for companies such as ours (with special regards to Chromatotec, ENVEA Group, Greentech Innovation) to shine through lobbying and gathering decision makers on climate change and environmental issues.

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Idris SANHAJ and our International Business Developer Laura MARIT have represented CIMEL through business meetings with our Chinese partners (CMA Chinese Meteorological Agency, CAS Chinese Academy of Sciences, Environmental Monitoring Centers of Shanghai Municipality and Jiangsu Province, Guangzhou University…) and to exchange ideas with various members of the French delegation organized by Business France.

They had the opportunity to encounter the French President Emmanuel Macron and had a brief meeting with the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Lemaire to discuss the future of air quality application with our innovative solutions, in particular for the JO2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

During this mission, CIMEL has presented its remote sensing solutions for aerosols monitoring, used to increase the understanding of atmospheric phenomenas, improve and validate air quality models.

This combination of climate modeling, through in-situ sensors, satellite data, and ground remote sensing, allows for more accurate air quality forecasting and decision-making for public health and environmental management.

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in China and across the globe with the same level of excellence and dedication that has become synonymous with our brand Made in France.

🙏 We extend our gratitude to Business France (Laurent Saint-Martin, Xavier CHATTE-RUOLS, Baptiste DELBENDE, Nicolas SESTIER), teamfranceexport (Valérie Alvarado-Zongo, Yang Yang, Michelle Portugal, Lian Qu), and CCI FRANCE CHINE (Caroline Penard, Christophe Lauras) for coordinating this successful business trip.

Ocean Obs 19


OceanObs’19 – An ocean of opportunity

September 16-20, 2019 | Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Part of the decadal conference series, OceanObs’19 will bring together the ocean observing community ranging from scientists to end users. The conference aims to “improve response to scientific and societal needs of a fit-for-purpose integrated ocean observing system,” to help better understand the environment of the Earth, monitor climate, and inform adaptation strategies as well as the sustainable use of ocean resources.

OceanObs’19 will address the following themes: observing system governance; data and information systems; observing technologies and networks; pollution and human health; hazards and maritime safety; blue economy; discovery; ecosystem health and biodiversity; climate variability and change; and water, food and energy security.

The conference is organized with support from: the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); the European Commission; the Global Climate Observing System – an initiative co-sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IOC-UNESCO), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Science Council (ISC); and other partners.

We are very proud to be a part of this event and look forward to some lively and interesting discussion on a vital subject.

See more on: https://www.oceanobs19.net/

ILRC29 – International Laser Radar Conference (Hefei – China)

ILRC29 – International Laser Radar Conference (Hefei – China)

June, 24-28 2019

After 50 years, for the first time, the 29th ILRC came to China! ILRC is held biennially under the oversight of the ICLAS, of the International Radiation Commission (IRC). The 29th ILRC was co-hosted by six institutes/universities in China and supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hefei municipal government. It is also persistently supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and many international/national partners and enterprises.

During the 29th ILRC, the new lidar technologies and techniques for profiling the aerosol and clouds, trace gases, water vapor, temperature, turbulence and 3D-wind were explored. The application of lidar networking and space-borne lidars were  investigated. Emphasis was given to weather forecasting, environmental and climate change investigations combined with multiple instruments and platforms. The lidar technologies extended to ocean, land surface and biological applications were also present.

The 29th ILRC was an excellent opportunity to share and exchange ideas. We would like to thank everyone who came at Cimel’s booth and poster presentation during ILRC29. We were pleased to welcome you all!

Come and visit us at ISTP Toulouse

Come and visit us at ISTP Toulouse

Cimel is exhibiting at ISTP, the 11th edition of the International Symposium on Tropospheric Profiling in Toulouse, on 20-24 May 2019.

Come and visit our booth to discover our innovative Remote Sensing Solutions!