XII WLMLA – São Paulo – IPEN

CIMEL at the 12th Workshop on LiDAR Measurement in Latin America

Keywords: LiDAR, Aerosols, monitoring, remote sensing, LALINET.

The Latin America Lidar Network (LALINET), was created during the first Workshop on LiDAR Measurement in Latin America (WLMLA) in 2001, to better understand aerosol distribution over South America and its impact on weather and climate.

This year is organized the 12th edition of the Workshop on Lidar Measurements in Latin America (XII WLMLA) hosted by IPEN (Instituto de pesquisas energéticas e nucleares) in São Paulo, Brazil, from 7th to 12th April 2024.

The goal of this event was to share knowledge between LiDAR researchers and students, promoting cooperation between scientific members of the LiDAR community, and fostering future LiDAR research projects to strengthen the Latin-American Lidar Network (LALINET).

Two representatives from CIMEL, Dr. Ioana Popovici and Dr. Igor Veselovskii, had the opportunity to present our LiDAR technology and share some data collected on smoke and dust events using our CE376 LiDAR and the CE710 LILAS depolarization and fluorescence channels.

It was also the opportunity to introduce our new LiDAR CE710 developed within AGORA-Lab.

Special thanks to LALINET and IPEN for the organization of this conference.

Link to the presentation (22Mo): Continuous_atmospheric_monitoring_and_aerosol_typing_using_CE376_dual-wavelength_Lidar (Dr. Ioana POPOVICI)