Air Quality

Air quality monitoring

It is well known that Particulate Matter (PM), harmful gases/aerosols or other pollutants due to natural or anthropogenic sources can have adverse effects on humans and the ecosystem.
Therefore, in the last years, surveying large regions of the atmosphere in an automatic way has become a strategic objective of various public health organizations for early detection of pollutant sources in urban and industrial areas.
The AAMS solutions have become a well-established method based on the combination of a photometer and a LiDAR for the remote sensing of the atmosphere.
They are often implemented to probe almost any level of the atmosphere and to acquire information to validate theoretical models about different topics of atmospheric physics. They can also be used for environment surveying by monitoring particles, aerosols and molecules.

Industrial Monitoring & Control

Localization / Qualification / Action

High concentration of air pollutants emitted from industrial zones may lead to morbidity and mortality, depending on the types of pollutants and the concentration to which the population living in the region is exposed. Our instruments provide the useful information for users by helping them tracking the discharges of pollutants and particles from a remote distance in order to control the pollution level and improve the environment in the region.

Natural Events

Localization / Qualification / Action

Some natural phenomena, such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires and sand storms, may have not only local and regional effects but also long-lasting global ones. Through our data, we help to better understand those phenomena, detecting them at an early stage and contributing to minimizing their impact.

Urban Pollution

Surveillance / Intrusion

The impact of urban air pollution on the environment and human health has drawn increasing concerns from researchers, policymakers and citizens. To reduce the negative health impact, it is of great importance to measure the air pollution at high spatial resolution in real-time. Cimel proposes a detailed fast remote monitoring and analysis of the air pollution over entire urban regions, providing fast estimates of the air pollution transport over the city, as well as detection of sources of extreme emission.

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