CE376 - LiDAR

CE376 – Compact Automatic Aerosol LiDAR

The CE376 is the latest compact, eyesafe elastic backscatter LiDAR, featuring outstanding performances for the automated continuous monitoring of aerosols.

It operates in the visible (green) and in the near infrared (NIR) with one
depolarization channel for enhanced aerosol characterization.

The rugged, fully integrated system operates without shutdown, human attendance, authorization, nor maintenance.

With its thermal enclosure, the LiDAR can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

The CE376 is particularly easy to install (indoor or outdoor with its thermal enclosure) and to transport to different sites.

It is therefore, the perfect solution to monitor industrial dust emissions, urban pollution, volcanic ash and all type of aerosol particles.


Key Benefits

  • Aerosol measurements up to 15 km by night time (with typical AOD 0.2) and up to 6 km by day time (with typical AOD 0.1)
  • Very short blind zone (< 100 m) with a full overlap from 1200 m (Green) / 700 m (NIR) range
  • Real-time “quicklook” visualization
  • Automatic backscatter/extinction profiles (Klett inversion with AOD or LiDAR ratio)
  • High stability and low maintenance
  • Aerosol characterization for each layer and stratification analysis
  • Eyes safety compliance with EN-60825 / ANSI Z136
  • Planet Boundary Layer (PBL) and cloud detection
  • Easy transportation :  Outdoor / indoor operation

Package contents

1 x CE376 LiDAR
1 x Flight-case
1 x Power supply cable (5 m)
1 x Ethernet Communication cable (20 m)
1 x Ethernet-USB converter
1 x USB-B to USB-A cable
1 x User Manual
1 x USB key with software and calibration files

Note 1: To be powered by mains.

Note 2: The telescope must be kept between +20°C and +30°C and may be installed within a thermal enclosure (not included).

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Laser type

Green laser: frequency doubled Nd:YAG

NIR laser: pulsed laser diode


Green laser: 532 nm

NIR laser: 808 nm

Pulse energy

Green laser: ~6 µJ

NIR laser: ~4 µJ

Repetition rate 5 kHz
Pulse width

< 15 ns
For IR  ~200 ns


Instrument configuration Biaxial system
Telescope diameter 96 mm for both emission and reception
Emission divergence NIR channel: 450µrad
Green channel: 420 µrad
Reception FOV NIR channel: 510 µrad
Green channel : ~500 µrad
Eye safety Yes : IEC 60825-1 compliant
Bandwidth (FWHM) NIR channel: 0.6 nm
Green channel: 0.2 nm


Data acquisition mode Photon counting
Continuous acquisition Yes
Acquisition time 1 s to 1200 s
Electronic range resolution 15 m
Electronic range From 50 m to up to 30 km
Data transfer to PC USB or Ethernet

CE376 Models

Reference Channels Available bands
CE376-G 532 nm – Vertical aerosols and clouds profile (standard)
CE376-GP 532 nm, depolarization – Standard
– Non-sphericity (Particle shape)
CE376-N 808 nm – Standard
CE376-GN 532 nm / 808 nm – Standard
– Spectral dependence (Particle size)
CE376-GPN 532 nm, depolarization / 808 nm – Standard
– Spectral dependence (particle size)
– Non-sphericity (Particle shape)

Environmental conditions

Temperature range +18°C to +28°C without thermal enclosure
Humidity 5% to 75%


Power supply 100-250 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Typical power consumption 40 W
Maximum power consumption 200 W

Mechanical  Specifications

Transportability Yes
Dimensions L 713 mm x W 463 mm x H 691 mm
Weight 35 kg (might change depending on the option)

Thermal Enclosure (in option)


Temperature range (external) -30°C to +55°C
Power supply 115-230 VAC (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
Typical power concumption 1300 W
Humidity range 0-100%
Dimensions 900 x 950 x 1300 mm
Weight 93 kg


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