Aviation Safety

Civil aviation puts safety at the top of its concerns. Everything is done to make air traffic remains one of the safer transportation modes.
To match ever growing aviation safety needs, Cimel designs Remote Sensing Solutions adapted to the needs of civil aviation and compliant with ICAO standards.

Special Events

Localization / Qualification / Action

Better monitor, understand, model and forecast aerosols of various origins like the intrusion of plumes from distant sources (natural or agricultural biomass fires, volcanic ashes, sand storms, pollution…) in order to take measures
to preserve human health and traffic safety as well as to mitigate economic impacts.

Operational Monitoring

Surveillance / Intrusion

The safety and efficiency of your flight operations are the most important aspects to manage. Weather phenomena can have a significant impact on your ability to safely and successfully maintain flight operations.
Cimel’s range of highly reliable and accurate aerosol monitoring solutions will help to ensure that you meet the most diffcult weather related challenges.

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