GPS roll-over

GPS roll-over the 3rd of November 2019 on the CE318-T

Important for existing CE318-T customers:

The GPS week counter will reset again the 3rd of November 2019.

Location data reports will remain correct while the date and week number will be affected. 

The CIMEL CE318-T photometer will be impacted by the GPS week counter reset.

It is necessary to use the last version of the firmware for the photometer to remain operational.

Please see the related process bellow to check and update the right firmware version before the due date.

You will need a computer and to be on site to connect on the control unit and update the firmware.

If you don’t have the opportunity before the 3rd of November 2019, you can work around it by disconnecting the GPS antenna until you update the firmware.

If you have any question or concern regarding the GPS roll-over issue, feel free to contact us.

Download the procedure here.

N.B.: If you are registered in AERONET, please contact the NASA AERONET team.