Agriculture & Forests

Many public and private professionals ( local and national authorities...) are concerned by the agriculture and forest sectors. These sectors have an impact on both  the management and the maintenance of the territory and on economical productivity of the areas. Understanding the climate phenomena helps the professionals to initiate environment-friendly management of these resources to safeguard biodiversity

Cimel  provides its  technological expertise of micro consumption (MicroAmps©) on hardy , long term reliable automatic weather stations , adapted to customers' requirements

Your challenges

Our solutions

Meteorological data analysis, weather forecast in the  short and medium term are essential for operators on farms and  forests and for representatives of these sectors to better manage:


      • Phytosanitary strategy for the crops (diseases control and prevention )
      • National food security ( rain conditions analysis: drought and flood hazards)
      • Optimization of water use resources   ( irrigation, planning of field operations)
      • Phenological phases projections
      • Prevention of the environmental impacts (environment-friendly use of fertilizers)
      • Climate change impact

The farmers, the forest operators, the searchers in agronomy need climate measurement coherent systems combining communication system and specific technology high-quality sensors to respond to a great number of requirements: 


      • Measurement reliability
      • High level of data availability
      • Continuity of the climatic series
      • Data transfert to achieve models
      • Contribution to weather watch as a part of WMO 

Cimel, a unique know-how in products innovation and evolutivity:

Cimel offers to its customers weather observing systems addressing very demanding yet complementary requirements: 

      • Use secure, highly redundant communications protocols
      • Give priority to wireless transmissions
      • Maximize the versatility of printed circuit boards
      • Minimize the number of connectors
      • Minimize electrical power consumption

Cimel provides direct technical  support to its customers' projects  during the commissionning and long-term maintenance