The main difficulty on public work building site is to ensure the workers safety and prevent one of the recurrent dangers : the wind that hinders cranes smooth running. To ensure the professionnals for a secure site management, Cimel provides hardy, long-term reliable wind observation measurement products that respond to site supervisors demanding requirements

Your challenges

Our solutions

Site managers have to predict and to monitor the wind force on the site  to ensure the workers safety and to guaranty the good  building work flow .

Data reliability is crucial: data should be accurate, continuously available in real time for site safety manager. 


Cimel, the specialist of robust meteorological observation systems 

      • Integrated, innovating and specific solution combining wind system and automatic weather station matching the needs, integrated in a real time information system 
      • Field equipment (automatic weather stations , wind system,  and transmission means)  are  equipped with a Cimel's specific MicroAmps© technology that provides robustness, long-life span and reduced maintenance  to ensure  high  availability of data
      • Solar powered long range radio transmission solutions that reduce consequently the  needs for wire
      • Customers support policy : at project time and continuous follow up on the long term