Environment & air quality

Anthropogenic activities, particularly industrial activities  and natural phenomena (volcanic eruptions...) are a major source of air pollutants potentialy hazardous for the persons and  for the environment. Environment monitoring enables to understand and to restrict their impact on climate change Cimel is a well renowned specialist for its ground remote sensing instruments mostly innovative  and adapted to all these new issues

Your challenges

Our solutions

In this  sector where many regulations and acts related to air pollutants are defined , professionals and authorities, environment and air quality responsibles havethe mission to control and to analyse  many  complex air parameters in order to issue alerts bulletins  and recommendations  
      • Control and prediction of air quality
      • Physical and chemical properties studies of aerosols
The technical quality of the measurement instruments  should be exceptional to match these requirements:
      • Data reliability and stability in optical and dynamic properties of aerosols and clouds in order to evaluate their height profile
      • Uninterrupted transmissions ( if possible in  real time and continuously  in case of exceptional climate-related event)
      • Observation should be automated on a large number of sites  while mastering  the total investment and maintenance cost
Cimel, a specialist of  measurement and analysis of atmosphere parameters
      • Cimel has specifically developped two remote sensing instruments fundamental for pollutant studies: CE318 photometer and CE370 Micro-LiDAR
      • They are designed following Cimel philosophy: measurement high quality with field proven reliability and reduced maintenance
      • Cimel provides a direct support for installation, training and maintenance