Civilian  aviation puts  safety at the top of its concerns. Everything is done to make air traffic remains one of the safer  transportation modes.

Cimel's engineers design  remote sensing instruments and automatic weather stations at the cutting edge of innovation. Cimel offers complete systems adapted to the needs of air traffic and compliant with ICAO standards. Their technological quality makes about them evolutive,  hardy under any climate conditions and long term reliable benchmarks .

Your challenges

Our solutions

To match ever growing air traffic safety standards, air traffic services  providers require real time observation instruments and weather stations that provide


      • Accurate , real time and continuous data to all users: meteorological observation room, briefing room, control tower...
      • Centralized information system compliant with ICAO standards

Cimel: integrated and sustainable airport observation systems

Cimel offers  a set of equipement and   services matching every need

      • A coherent system integrating all park and runway remote sensing instruments in a real time  information system specific to airports
      • High performance ICAO compliant software, including display and report edition
      • Field-equipment ( park weather stations, runway instruments and transmission systems) equipped with Cimel's specific MicroAmps© technology  providing robustness, long-life span and reduced maintenance
      • Long range solar powered radio transmissions to fully eliminate runway wiring 
      • Customers support policy : at project time and continuous follow up on the long term