Coastal meteorology

The  maritime industry development, the  shipping traffic increase,  the  transit growth of hazardous goods and  the enhancement requirements for more and more  safety make  meteorological very  demanding data necessary to securize the shipping traffic

To fullfil all these requirements, Cimel offers meteorological products equipped with the most innovative technologies.  Their technological high-quality  makes   them hardy , long-term reliable and evolutive devices matching customers' demand

Your challenges

Our solutions

Harbor authorities carry out different missions:

      • Providing effective informations and recommendations concerning shipping safety
      • Contributing in climate  monitoring under WMO rules
      • Collecting meteorological and marine data (currents, temperature,waves, tides) with very high accuracy, in real time continuous availability,  globally or locally (wind at entrance to the harbor)

The measurement instruments and weather stations commissionned should respond to reliability , robustness and sustainability requirements and offer

      • Centralized information system
      • Management tools for meteorological applications (see agriculture, roads, airports...)

Cimel, the specialist in climate measurement

Cimel offers  a set of equipement and   services matching every need

      • A coherent system integrating an automatic  weather station and marine sensing instruments communicating with an information system in  real time connceted to  the port authority   
      • Field equipment  equipped with Cimel's specific MicroAmps© technology providing robustness, long-life span and reduced maintenance, even in marine environment
      • Customers support policy : at project time and continuous follow up on the long term