Heritage conservation

It is essential for a country to protect its cultural heritage  in order to transmit it to the next generations. Preservation and conservation of objects and spaces require new technology, innovative and highly reliable control measurement  instruments easy to handle and to use

Cimel designes high-performing climatic recorders considered as light and reliable due to a specific and innovative technology (MicroAmps©, integrated system...)

Your challenges

Our solutions

National service organisations supervisor for the cultural property conservation are missionned to maintain, to restore and to preserve this heritage 

To match  these requirements ,  cultural heritage professionnals implement coherent systems combining communication system and specific measurement instruments in order to 

      • Control and observe atmospheric environment within archives buildings, within  items showcases and surrounding works of art
      • Protect them from environmental damages like carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, excess moisture or drought 

Climatic monitoring instruments  play a key part in the sustainability of these operations . They should match  several requirements: 

      • Data high accuracy and  real time continuous availibility
      • Low-profile design, easiness of use, data recollection high autonomy
      • Secured and reliable  transmission
      • Information high-performing storage

Cimel,  specialist in environmental measurement   

Cimel offers to its customers specific and innovating climatic recorders addressing very demanding yet complementary requirements: 

      • Use secure, highly redundant communications protocols
      • Give priority to wireless transmissions
      • Maximize the versatility of printed circuit boards
      • Minimize the number of connectors
      • Minimize electrical power consumption

Cimel provides technical  support to its customers' projects  during the commissionning and long-term maintenance