Freshwater-resources both surface and groundwater  require proper  management in order to ensure aquatic ecosystems preservation,  resources restoration floodings prevention.

Remote sensing instruments  and weather stations designed by Cimel  fully comply with  WMO recommendations. Due to their   high technological quality , they are hardy , long-term reliable and evolutive devices matching  every need even under harsh climatic conditions.

Your challenges

Our solutions

The hydro-meteorological services are involved in many fields:

      • Monitor flood warning system networks
      • Blancket of snow control
      • Flood forecasting
      • Watershed studies
      • Water resources assessment
      • Runoff of soils studies

The specialists in hydrometeorology  strive to get  reliable and performing observation measurement systems  to

      • Collect hydrometric and climatic data (with high long term accuracy) with  real time availability in case of a once in a lifetime event
      • Study,  modelize,  schedule,  alert, and give recommendations in terms of  infrastructure arrangement and  climate change adaptation

Cimel:  the experience on the climate measurement service

Cimel offers to its customers

      • Observing solutions built around several meteorological and water height sensors, easy to deploy,  self-powered due to the Cimel's specific MicroAmps© technology 
      • Integrated communication solutions that ease to build up networks for  real time operation
      • Customers support policy : at project time and continuous follow up on the long term