Meteorological Services

Climate change has  become a major  environmental issue for the 21th century at global scale.

Cimel has a long experience in designing remote sensing instruments and meteorological stations connected to WMO world communication  networks. Their technological quality, in terms of reliability (accuracy and continuity), robustness, and evolution, makes Cimel's automated meteorological measurement systems a worldwide benchmark for difficult climatic conditions. 

Your challenges

Our solutions

National Meteorological Services carry out several essential  assigments : to provide weather forecasts,  warnings, services for various meteorological applications, climate change studies...


They need  reliable and performing observation networks...


      • Synoptic automatic weather stations
      • Automatic weather stations without observers
      • Micro-climatological AWS
      • Centralized information systems
      • Specific functions for meteorological applications  (see agriculture, roads, airports activities...)

... for multiple requirements


      • High accuracy on the long-term  (climatology) even in severe climatic conditions
      • Compliant with WMO recommandations
      • Open to future evolution  (coverage and new parameters)
      • High reliability  real time transmissions (synoptic weather stations),  even in remote places
      • Connection  to WMO telecommunication global network
      • Reduced cost of ownership investment , operation and maintenance 

Cimel:  the specialist in climate measurement  and sustainable observation networks


Cimel offers widely field-tested  observation systems  to National Meteorological Services:


      • Integrated and totally adaptable system  comprising very reliable automatic weather stations communicating with high performance information system 
      •  Field equipment (weather stations and transmission means) equipped with  Cimel's specific MicroAmps© technology, providing robustness, long-life span and reduced maintenance for high data availibility
      • Customers support policy: at project time and continuous follow up on the long term