The observation of the water masses on surface of the earth  shows that they interact with the climate conditions and adversaly impact the environment . It is time to work out solutions to ensure the protection of marine biodiversity  and to help to manage the coastal ecosystems Cimel know-how is at the cutting hedge of innovation to make these phenomena comprehensible . Cimel's engeeners  design widely known instruments equipped with high-quality technology  (MicroAmps®) that makes about them hardy , long-term reliable and scalable devices in accordance with customers' demands  

Your challenges

Our solutions

These interactive phenomena are the object of specialized researches at the crossing point of several sciences, in concertation with many public or private representative.
      • Physico-chemical composition of  oceans and seas water studies
      • Surface temperature of water masses monitoring
      • Level of chlorophyl and sediment accumulation measurement
      • Level of oceans pollution control and measurement
The research in this sector requires the combined use of remote sensing instruments and weather stations. High performance and reliability are necessary to allow easy deployment on coastal stations or sea campaign: 
      • High accuracy
      • Stability in difficult climatic environment
      • Resistance to saline environment
      • Easy transportability
Cimel, Experience for innovation
      • Benchmark instruments of high quality that ensure measurement of absolute accuracy whatever environment conditions (temperature, radiation) are , thanks to a mechanism of sytematic self calibration
      • Devices, systems, transmission means equipped with a specific technology (MicroAmps®) that combine robustness, long-life span and reduced maintenance
      • Support policy to customers projects at the time of commissionning and during the long term with the warranty of a scalable system