With  the traffic  increase and the development of  the transport facilities (roads and highways), safety is a forefront concern considering the transport of goods and persons.

These new issues are a challenge that Cimel takes into account  when designing and producing innovative instruments and automatic weather stations. Their technological quality technology makes  them  hardy , long term reliable benchmarks under any climate conditions, evolutive in accordance with customers' will.

Your challenges

Our solutions

Road network authorities and observers, public authorities have two main sorts of mission:

      • Analyse the climate risks for scheduling infrastructure arrangement
      • Manage winter serviceability  and cope with lifetime events (notifiing the road network users , triggering protection actions)

The measurement instruments used on these road networks should be performing, reliable, sustainable  to 

      • Automate the observation on a large number of sites while mastering  the total investment and maintenance cost
      • Collect data automatically and in a highly reliable way to ensure  the sustainability of the service whatever the great number of observing spots deployed in remote areas

Cimel, a source of proposals for adjusted solutions  to every need


      • Integrated  and totally adaptable system comprising very reliable automatic weather stations communicating with high performance information system 
      • Communication integrated solutions that ease to  build up networks for  real time operation
      • Field equipment (weather stations and transmission means) equipped with Cimel's specific MicroAmps© technology, providing robustness, long-life span and reduced maintenance
      • Automation of the synoptic weather stations
      • Management tools for meteorological applications (see agriculture and forests, airports...)
      • Customers support policy: at project time and continuous follow up on the long term