Renewable energies

With depletion of fossil energy resources, renewable energies offer a sustainable free-pollutant alternative. Wether solar energy or wind energy or hydro energy, their use requires complicated measurements of solar radiations and  highly-focused observations of the climate.

Cimel  meets  this challenge  providing remote sensing   instruments combined with automatic weather stations. Their innovative  and  specific technology (integrated system, MicroAmps©...) is the certainty of their  robustness, reliability, durability.

Your challenges

Our solutions

Many players are concerned by the expansion of these renewable energies: public authorities, private companies, research organizations. Highly-focused measurements are needed to assess their potentialities (pilot studies) and to streamline operational activities:

      • Estimation of the water reservoir volume as snow (hydro energy)
      • Climatologic analysis of the wind ( wind energy)
      • Measurement of the  solar radiation value (solar energy)
      • Measurement of  optical thickness and  aerosols contribution (solar energy)
      • Measurement of  local meteorological weather conditions (solar energy)

Weather observing networks ensuring these measures should respond to operational requirements like  reliability, robustness, durability 

      • Accurate and continuous data
      • Reliable  real time communication systems 
      • Automated observation on a large number of sites  to reduce cost of ownership : investment , operation and maintenance 
      • Integrated field-equipement easy to deploy

Cimel, experience on  innovation service

      • Field-equipment self-powered and autonomous ( free of electric power supply, without attendance) equipped with Cimel'sa specific MicroAmps© technology providing robustness, long-life span and reduced maintenance for data high availability
      • Customers support policy: at project time and continuous follow up on the long term