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A GPS reset initially scheduled for April 6 has been postponed to November 2, 2019. We will update the software shortly so that your instruments are not affected by this modification. Stay tuned!


French know-how with worldwide recognition

As a manufacturer settled in the heart of Paris, Cimel innovates since 1959 in designing high reliability field equipment for the most demanding meteorological and atmospheric observation networks.

Cimel offers complete systems that are recognized worldwide for both their high metrological quality and their durability.


Cimel's philosophy

  • High quality metrology
  • Autonomous field equipment
  • Reliable, simple and economical systems
  • Direct and free technical support on the long term


A unique compact technology : MicroAmps®

  • Innovative ultra-low power systems
  • Compact, autonomous and reliable field equipments
  • Long term operation even in the most difficult environmental conditions


A range of solutions for the most demanding networks

  • Automatic aerosol LiDARs and photometers
  • Multiband radiometers and cameras
  • Aerosol monitoring station
  • Automatic weather stations
  • Airport weather observation systems