Atmosphere sciences

The growing concern for climatic change and the effects on ecosystems and societies increase the need for a better understanding of the atmosphere, and particularly aerosols and clouds optical properties and their effects on the climate change

Cimel is a worlwide renowned specialist of ground based remote sensing instruments designed for operational observation networks. These instruments are designed to match the most stringent scientific requirements, while providing exceptional robustness under any environmental conditions

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Our solutions

Clouds as well as natural and anthropogenic aerosols have considerable and complex interactions with the atmosphere and solar radiations. More and more scientists focus on analysing these interactions and their affect on meteorology and the changing climate, in numerous specialised fields as various as: 

      • Aerosol and cloud analysis and modelling
      • Climate change analysis and forecast
      • Air quality monitoring and forecast
      • Study of optical properties of the atmosphere
      • Validation and correction of satellite measurements
      •  … 

Scientists need instruments that comply with a large number of requirements:  

      • Best available accuracy
      • Sustainable instruments, with minimum maintenance
      • Continuous operation within fixed network
      • Reliable communication systems
      • Operation in campaign, in remote places and sometimes in mobile mode

Cimel, a specialist in ground based remote sensing instruments

      • Since 25 years, Cimel has developed several instruments dedicated to atmosphere sciences that are used by leading scientific organisations in the world.
      • In particular, Cimel’s photometer CE318 equips the worldwide AERONET federation and has become the reference instrument for aerosol monitoring networks. 
      • All instruments are designed according to Cimel’s philosophy resulting in high quality measurements with field proven reliability and very low maintenance requirements. 
      • Cimel provides direct support for installation, training and maintenance.