Wind System

Automatic weather stations




The integrated wind observation system CimWIND is particularly adapted to the following applications:

        • Runway instrument as a part of CimAWOS (airport weather observing system)
        • Integration in a LLWAS system (Low Level Windshear Alert System)
        • Separate  back up wind system for airport ( on several position along the  runway  several spots)
        • Harbour entrace safety
        • Protection of building
        • Industrial  safety
        • Protection of the environment



        • Outstanding sensors and transmission   reliability and stability
        • Secured long range radio transmissions
        • Possible transmission redundancy with FSK modem

 Flexibility for deployment

        • Self-powered system by solar generator
        • No cable dependent implementation : ISM radio communication
        • Long range communication: up to 10 000 m in line of sight
        • Light folding tubular mast  easy to install


        • Resistance to all harsh weather conditions
        • Reinforced protection against lightning strikes
        • Tamper-resistant light  built-in miniature solar panel 

Very low maintenance cost 

        • No systematic technical maintenance required
        • Scarce  use of spare parts inventory  
        • Wireless system (no existing  transmission cables : high reduction of maintenance costs)


For its field equipment , Cimel has developed a whole of innovative specific technologies (MicroAmps®) adressing very demanding yet complementary requirements :

        • Minimize electrical power consumption (MicroAmps Technology)
        • Use secure, highly redundant communications protocols
        • Give priority to wireless transmissions
        • Maximize the versatility of printed circuit boards
        • Minimize the number of connectors 

Thanks to this technology fulfillment, CimWIND provides exceptional performances widely field-proven under all type  of climate 

        • High metrological reliability
        • Rugged  miniature solar generator
        • Light ,  resistant,  easy-to-handle infrastructure
        • Excellent  protection against corrosion and lightning

This innovative system ensures a high reliable operating process with very low preventive and curative maintenance operations in the long run, even in very hostile environments.



 Due to MicroAmps® technology, the operating system is completely free from main electrical power:

        • The field equipments (measurement, registering, transmission) are entirely solar generator powered
        • The users' PCs are back powered


Compatible sensors 

CimWIND system can be equipped either with two conventional sensors (opto-electronic anemometer and opto-electronic wind vane) or a single ultrasonic sensor

Sensor Name

Sales reference

Opto-electronic anemometer


Opto-electronic wind vane


Ultrasonic wind sensor


 Acquisition unit CEA150

The CEA150 acquisition unit , housed in a single hermetic metallic box, performs all functions ( data acquisition ,processing , storage, transmission by radio and /or wired FSK modem )


 transmission system 

The CimWIND transmission system can use separately or in redundancy one or two communication means: ISM radio , wired FSK modem

This transmission protocol is owned and widely field-tested by Cimel. It is tightened and secured ( short messages, automatic redundancy, control for data integrity (CRC), time synchronization)

The range of the radio transmission is 10 000 m  with directional antenna in open view

 Information system 

It features :

 Local PC for storage and visualisation 

The Windows PC is equipped  with CimOBS-AWOS software suite for  acquisition, processing, real time visualisation , storage, past data access 

Deported  visualisations (in option)

One or more deported display visualisations can be connected to the information local network.
It allows data real time continuous display as graphs or digital files easily legible


The 10 m mast is  of very light corrosion-resistant material  and can be easily folded for cleaning

It supports the acquisition unit and the sensors complying with OACI and WMO recommendations. The cables are fully protected  inside the tubing supports

In option :beaconing compliant with the OACI recommendations

        • Red and white flash day beaconing
        • Night beaconing(10Cd) with twilight switch 

Implementation and maintenance

Quick and easy installation 

        • The folding mast is composed with 3 m folded light parts
        • The various modules are light, with small overall size. They are designed for an easy assembly without special tools
        • The  modular anchorage system facilitates the setting up on any types of soil, with a simple installation procedure generally without  civil works
        • No on-site cabling required: all cables are provided with pre-wired polarized connectors.
        • A device is provided to adjust the directional antennas disposal 

Reduced technical systematic maintenance 

        • No preventive maintenance for electronics due to the integrated design of the acquisition unit(corrosion-free)
        • No impact in case of lightning strike around: comprehensive metallic protection for all circuits and cables
        • Maintenance-free infrastructure (noble materials)
        • Maintenance-free cables (fully concealed, protected by infrastructure tubing)

Wind mast on site for CimWIND